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December 7, 2023by Spreadpoint0

November 2023 saw the joining for forces of LMB Roelofs based 1hr from Amsterdam in the Netherlands with SpreadPoints export team. This exciting news will be the start of SpreadPoint’s focus on supplying its new and innovative range of machines to the dutch market.

The team at Roelofs are well estabisihed and connected in the Dutch market. The company was started by Tons Roelof in the 1980 sas a Fait dealer and then progressed into CNH and other global brands. The company today is now run by Ruben Roelof and René Mooijman with a strong team of sales persons and service engineers for support.

Some early supplied Fait tractors

The partnership will firstly focus on the SP range of belt spreaders from SpreadPoint and will have future empasis on some new and exciting products coming from SpreadPoint.

SpreadPoints Export Sales Manager Niall Tiernan added, ” We are very excited to be working with the team at Roelofs for sales and support in the Netherlands a very professional and customer focused company”

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LMB Roelofs | Landbouwmechanisatie – Verkoop en Werkplaats

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