WB - 6000  Water Bowser 6000Ltrs

The WB-6000 bowser has a 6,000ltrs stainless steel tank for increased durability and hygiene leading to less blocked nozzels.

The purpose built tank has internal baffels for increased stability.  These reduce the movment of the load when in transport with a part load.  The unique positioning of the tank in the chassis further lowers the Centre of Gravity to make this the most stable bowser on the market.  

Combine the robust suspension and mini supersingle tyres makes this bowser capable of 50kmh+ everyday.


As every job is a little different your bowser may need to be a little different.  With a full range of options available we are sure to have a configuration that suits all.


The incorporation of an extendable drawbar allows this bowser to be hauled by a tractor and mounted sprayer combination.  Allowing one operator and one tractor to achieve more acres per day.



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