Modern high tech engineering for time old scenarios...




In house designs formed from the ground up. 

Each new design is novel and unique to SpreadPoint formed using the most modern techniques such FEA, DEM and CFD analysis.  Ensuring the design of all our machines are optimised for your performace.


All designs are thoroughly tested prior to launching.  Both WCS (worst case scenario) and field tests are conducted to ensure maximium performance and durability are achieved from the product.

Tests are conducted both on our own test farm and selected contractors 


Quality is king!! All products are produced in house and are subject to the stringent quality control systems in place.  The use of high strength materials and new modern fabrication techniques make for the best products.


Finish is everything.  The quality and longivity of the finish on our products are important to us.  This is why we use stainless steel where required and all our products are shot blasted, painted and oven baked to give the hardest toughest paint surface possible!