SP-A Heavy Duty Twin Disc

Specifically designed for heavy abrasive material this spreading unit can handle almost anything you can throw at it.   The unique hydraulic over mechanical drive is the most robust on the market and ensures even drive to both discs. 

Couple this with the heavy duty 6mm stainless steel discs with 6mm stainless steel flights and this unit will outlast all others.  


Materials (non exclusive)

  • Lime
  • Sand
  • Fibrophos
  • Granular products
  • Granular Fertiliser
  • Gravel
  • Salt
  • Dry Manures
  • Organic Pellets
  • Powders


Working Width

Depending upon product

3m - 24m 



Disc speed can be altered from the cab to adjust spread width and/or pattern.

Adjustable pitch flights can be quickly altered to fine tune spread pattern.

Drop point can also be adjusted by sliding the complete unit fore or aft.  



Overload protection fitted via hydraulic pressure relief. 


Unit Fitted