SD-A Heavy Duty Single Disc (Salt Disc)

Specifically designed for spreading de-icing salt/grit this unit can be added to any SP belt spreader quickly and easily.   

With an all stainless steel construction this attachement is very corrosive resistant and can yield many years trouble free service. 

The use of a high torque motor can achieve large even spread widths and more difficultly narrow spreadwidths for car parks and narrow surroundings.



Materials (non exclusive)

  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Pellets
  • Powders


Working Width

Depending upon product

3m - 12m 



Disc speed can be altered from the cab to adjust spread width and/or pattern.

Adjustable deflectors can be rotated to reduce/expand the spread pattern of the single disc. 



Overload protection fitted via hydraulic pressure relief. 


Unit Fitted