SensPoint Control

SensPoint Rate Control is based upon volumetric application, the density can then be entered to convert to kg/ha. 

Only coupled to the hydraulic drive the SensPoint rate control can vari the speed of the belt to match the forward speed.  Thus allowing the application rate to be consistant regardless of forward speed.  

GPS forward speed is inputed disregarding wheelslip

The application rate can then be adjusted from the cab as it changes belt speed.


Compatible Models

  • SP-400 Hydraulic Drive
  • SP-600 Hydraulic Drive
  • SP-900 Hydraulic Drive

Application Rates

Application rate is changed by changing the belt speed.  To achieve an new range of belt speeds the door opening height can then be increased/decreased.  The SensPoint rate controller then recalculates the required belt speed.


Door Heigh Selection 

The controller can give desired door height dependent upon application rate, density, bout width and forward speed.  


IsoBus / Non-IsoBus

SensPoint rate controller can be used on Isobus UT screens and/or tractors.  This enables all functions to appear on the tractors existing screen.  

For older tractors without IsoBus a headunit can be supplied with GPS.


VRT- Variable Rate Technology

SensPoint Control can use perscription maps (.shp_files) to change the application rate for a specified part of the field.  This can be done by either using a compatible task controller UT or via the non-IsoBus head unit.