R.1050 - Rotary Spreader

SpreadPoint Rotary spreaders have a unique never seen before 5-axis rotor.  This has reinvented the aged design by chopping finer and running smoother.  The movement to a staggered 5 axis can only be achieved using moderin manufacturing techniques allowing the rotor tube to be lasered to ensure each chain is mounted with 0.1mm accuracy.



As with every SpreadPoint product the R.1050 carries the premium level of engineering expected.  The extra rigid drawbar reduces flex around the drive system, increasing the life of your chain system.  Stopping comes from an oversized axle and brake with twin braking rams.



The finer spreading comes from the new 5-axis rotor which can chop the most demanding of manures.  The lid comes to 12-oclock on the barrel alowing a further trow of material.



The removable mudguards as standard increase safety on the road for both the towing tractor and other road users.  These can easily be removed if necessary.  LED lighting as standard



The only spreader on the market that the PTO shaft does not need to be removed to grease the drive bearings.  All 4 hole flange bearings are used for added durability.   



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