WeighPoint Control

WeighPoint Control is a derivation of the SensPoint Control.  WeighPoint uses loadcells to show the onboard weight, total weight and calibrate on the move.

Compatible Models

  • SP-400 Hydraulic Drive
  • SP-600 Hydraulic Drive
  • SP-900 Hydraulic Drive


The loadcells measure the amount of material spread over a certain time and compare it to the theoretical amount spread.  If the two values are different then the controller adjusts its calibration to amend. 


IsoBus / Non-IsoBus

WeighPoint rate controller can be used on Isobus UT screens and/or tractors.  This enables all functions to appear on the tractors existing screen.  

For older tractors without IsoBus a headunit can be supplied with GPS.


VRT- Variable Rate Technology

WeighPoint Control can use perscription maps (.shp_files) to change the application rate for a specified part of the field.  This can be done by either using a compatible task controller UT or via the non-IsoBus head unit.