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November 23, 2023by Spreadpoint0

New product launched from Spreadpoint!!

SpreadPoint, Northern Irelands only manufacturer of trailed belt spreaders, is now offering a trailed salt and grit spreader to the worldwide market. The new Gritty has been designed and developed from the success of their SP range of lime and fertiliser spreaders. Purposely manufactured to combat ice and snow on roads, footpaths, cycle lanes, commercial facilities and beyond. Four model sizes with capacities ranging from 4m3 to 14m3.

Being tractor operated the new Gritty avoids any legalities regarding HGV licenses, tachographs, along with tax and fuel duties depending on your country’s legislation.

Customers can choose from a choice of rate controllers such as Manual Hydraulic floor drive, SensePoint with electronic ECU and WeighPoint with on the move weigh cell calibration. Operated fully via the tractors hydraulic system, indicating that there are no PTO Shaft’s enhancing the safety aspect of the machine, while increasing maneuverability and reducing maintenance costs.

SpreadPoints SD-A salt and grit applicator can alternate between spread widths from 1.8m up to 12m. The spread pattern and height can be adjusted manually on the unit itself for applying salt to footpaths and cycle lanes. The SD-A salt kit is manufactured in house and manufactured entirely of stainless-steel including fittings and fixtures due to the high corrosive material being applied.

Heavy duty running gears are standard on all models with commercial axles and the option of hydraulic, air or dual brakes. Wheel sizes can be chosen, giving the customer the ability to build a machine to fit his desired specification.

Due to the corrosive environment, all Gritty’s go through a very disciplined and rigorous finishing stage, this includes being shot blasted, the machine is brought to a controlled temperature, sprayed with primer, then oven baked at a high temperature until touch dry, the machines are then sprayed painted using 2K paint and further oven baked at a higher temperature to create a hardened enamel like finish. Stainless-steel options are available to customers who want to avail of it.

Further options of ISOBUS Controls, rollover covers, mudguards, extension kits and 25mm stainless-steel internal grids can all be chosen at the time of ordering.

The benefit of the new Gritty appeals to private businesses, contractors, and local authorities for winter highway maintenance programs. The simplicity of operation signifies that operators need very little training and can go to work straight away. Capable of operating speeds of up 60kph. Compatible with GPS in an industry and a world which demands efficiency and sustainability the Gritty ticks all the boxes.

SpreadPoint’s clever design of the Gritty allows the applicator to be changed from a SD-A salt and grit applicator to a twin disc unit for spreading lime and fertiliser in 30 minutes (approx). The SP-A heavy-duty stainless-steel twin disc unit has the ability to spread salt and grit at greater bout widths if the operator wishes to apply salt or grit in car parks, airports or other commercial facilities. Having such a swift change over of applicators implies that the operator can apply lime or fertiliser during the day and salt and grit at night. Being a multipurpose machine indicates that the Gritty has a better resale value as a result.

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